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How to calculate the factorial of 0

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0! is exactly: 1

The number of trailing zeros in 0! is 0.

The number of digits in 0 factorial is 1.

The factorial of 0 is 1 calculated, through its definition, this way:

What is factorial?

Definition of factorial

The factorial is a basically a quantity which is defined for any integer value (n) which is greater than or equal to 0.

The factorial is nothing but the product of all intergers which is less than or equal to n but it is greater than or equal to 1. By definition we can say that the factorial value of 0 is equal to 1. We can not have negative integers factorial as defined. We can see that factorial is the result of multiplying a sequence of descending natural numbers. For example, 4 × 3 × 2 × 1.

The symbol used for stating factorial is exclamation mark (!)

Factorial Formula

For n is natural number which is greater than or equal to 1. Then we can have the formula as

n! = n x (n - 1) x (n - 2) x (n - 3) x (n - 4)... 4 x 3 x 2 x 1